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Welcome to our school website. We hope that you enjoy visiting our website, and it will provide you with an insight into our vibrant, lively and successful school. Our staff are caring, experienced and committed to meeting the individual needs of every child, and to creating a safe, secure environment.

We believe that children learn best when they are excited by learning, actively involved and have a clear purpose for their learning.

5% discount for 2 courses
10% discount for 3 courses
Early Years Foundation Stage   4 days a week am | pm  
Grammar & Phonics Y1-Y2 2 days a week pm  
Grammar Y2-Y6 1 day  a  week pm  
Grammar & Writing Y2-Y9 2 days a week pm  
Reading Comp. Y7-Y9 1 day  a  week pm  
Trial Class EYFS   $475
Trial Class & Assessment Y1-Y9   $625
  • School Interview Preparation, please contact us for further information.
  • All course fees are settled by the term. We have three terms, please contact us for fee information by the term.

Allergies and Medical Care

Please inform PEI if your child has any allergies or medical requirements.


PEI is closed on Sunday and Monday, all public holidays and PEI school holidays listed in our school calendar.

Fees and Refunds

All fees need to be paid in full before a student embarks on a programme. No refunds will be given. If a student wishes to change programmes and there's availability they can do so, but only one time. Programme fees can be paid by cash or cheque. Any returned cheques will be levied with a minimum fee of HKD$150 or greater depending on the bank's charges.

Data Protection and Privacy

This section is due to be updated.